Unit 2: Exploring & Implementing Online Tools


Today's Students

Before exploring online resources and tools, let's take one more look at who are students are and what they need. Watch the following video A Vision of K-12 Students Today and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the vision? What will students do while using engaging technologies?
  2. What is a 21st century learner?
  3. How do students today spend their time? What technologies do they use?
  4. Are teachers using these technologies for learning/projects? What percentage never does?
  5. What do out students want?
  6. What kind of education would you want for yourself? Your son or daughter?

The video gave the following meaning for WWW--whatever, wherever, whenever...

This is a key idea to our modern day technology and gives us insight to what learners today want and crave. They want to be engaged and active in the learning process and technology gives us methods and tools that make this type of learning possible! Technology can be used to create projects, guide learning, and as a means of communicating with others.

Communicating Online



Social Networking Sites

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