Unit 1: What is a Virtual Field Trip?

Lesson 1: What is a Virtual Field Trip?

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Introduction: The intent of this course is to show educators how to utilize Virtual Field Trips in their classrooms, specifically elementary science.First off we need to reflect on our current teaching.

Thinking about what you currently do in your classroom:

Please take time to brainstorm answers to the following questions.

1. List the current resources you use to make your science lessons engaging.

2. How could field trips help your students learning in science?

Please use this link to share your answers: https://forms.gle/hegKF5kvWrHTRPtY8

What is a Virtual Field Trip?

Virtual field tips enable learners to visit and explore destinations relevant to course concepts and aligned with course learning objective. Virtual field trips allow learners to engaged with and to learn about authentic artifacts and to explore places important to their discipline of study and consistent with their individual learning needs. Virtual field trips take learners to places that may not be possible, allowing the teacher to bring the field trips to the students.

Please watch this introduction video for a sneak peak into the magical world of virtual field trips:


Check out these virtual field trips:

Louvre Museum: Petite Galerie

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Coco Chanel Exhibit

Tour of Jelly Belly Facotry

After you have viewed the introduction video and the virtual field trips please share one thing that you have learned or found interesting.

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How To Use Virtual Field Trips During Science Instruction

Using hands on experiments and real life examples are ideal for science lessons, especially in elementary grades as these ideas are brand new to students. Having students experience situations in real life make their learning purposeful and relevant, thus their engagement and learning will increase.

Many times the resources for experiments and field trips are out of reach and no possible to obtain or experience. This is where virtual field trips can come into play.

Virtual field trips can help teachers take their students to places like never before. From the White House, Outer Space, The Smithsonian Zoo, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Virtual field trips bring these places and experiences to the students know matter where they are, at home or in the classroom.

Here are a few examples of science virtual field trips that could be used in an elementary classroom:

The Solar System

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Life On A Farm

What is a virtual field trip you would like to use in your classroom for a science lesson?

(This does not have to be one already shown you. This is totally up to you and your needs)

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