Unit 1: What is Growth Mindset?


What is Growth Mindset?

In this unit, we will be talking about the term Growth Mindset. At the end we will have a discussion on the ways we have promoted and acted on the Growth Mindset mentality in our own lives. After, there will be a personal reflection of what you would like to get out of this course.

Below are two videos on what the definition of Growth Mindset means. One is geared toward elementary students and the other video can be used for students in secondary and higher education. Choose the video that is most suitable for your students

Elementary Students:

In this video, Mojo loved school; especially math. As the math problems got harder,Mojo began to struggle. Mojo felt that he wasn't smart anymore and tried to quit school. His friend Kate comes to the rescue and gives him the talk he needs.

Secondary Students and Beyond:

In this video,


After viewing one of the videos, I would like you to break your class into groups of three or four people. Below are some questions they can use during their conversation about the video:

Class Dojo:

Carol Dweck:


Class Dojo Video 1. Can anyone become smarter? How? 2. Was there every a time where you wanted to give up?