Unit 1: The Importance of Creative Writing: What is World-Building?

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Unit 1: The Importance of Creative Writing: What is World-Building?


Welcome to the course “Creative Writing in the Modern Classroom”! During this course, you will be investigating the importance of creative writing, how to use “world-building” elements to engage students and enrich your lesson plans, and will finish up the course with a final project of editing or creating a lesson plan with creative writing and “world-building” elements. During this Unit we’re going to create an informal journal of resources and ideas. Follow this link to go to a Google Doc outline that has been created with prompts and questions to help guide your thoughts as we progress through the first unit of the mini-course. At the top of the page, add this file to your Google Drive, and after navigating back to Google Drive, right click the file and make a copy for yourself to edit. This will allow you to change headings, add in your own information, and copy and paste links for future reference in a way that will not affect the work of others.

Objective: Participants will recognize how adding world building elements to a lesson plan adds depth and texture to a normal creative writing lesson by reading online sources found by the course administrator.


LESSON 1: Creative Writing and Teacher Education
Topic: Why creative writing is important and the gap in creative writing pedagogy
LESSON 2: Student Engagement and Its Importance
Topic: The importance of student engagement and how to help students become engaged
LESSON 3: The Importance of "Believable Worlds"
Topic: What is “world-building” and the importance of “believable worlds”

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