Unit 1: Lesson Three

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Why Capture the Screen?

A screenshot, screen capture, or screen dump is an image taken by the computer to record the visible items displayed on the monitor or another visual output device. Screenshots, screen dumps, or screen captures can be used to demonstrate a program, a particular problem a user might be having or generally when computer output needs to be shown to others or archived, or to simply show off what you do on your computer to an audience.

Through the use of screen captures, screen dumps, and screenshots we can:

  • we can create tutorials by providing step-by-step video demonstrations on how to use equipment or specific software programs
  • provide training on a range of topics
  • offer explanations and clarifications of complex concepts

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Lesson Three Tasks

  1. According to the Bart article, what are some of the benefits of using screen captures?
  2. Can you see your self using screen captures in the future? Why or Why not?

Additional Resources

Aside from using Camtasia, here are a few additional resources that you may find helpful if you plan on taking screen captures to the next level:

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