Unit 1: Lesson One

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Why Use Video in the Classroom?

Teachers use video for a variety of reasons. "Video can breathe meaning and life into nearly any lesson." (Sparked)

With the use of video, teachers can:

  • Provide a common experience for all students
  • Generate interest and stimulate imagination
  • Offer a different perspective on or another approach to a topic
  • Demonstrate abstract ideas
  • Stimulate the development of critical thinking skills
  • Equalize educational opportunities
  • Promote critical viewing skills and media awareness
  • Provide visual representation to further understanding

"A lot of students these days expect information to be presented in a flashy, entertaining way, so videos can help draw them in," says Larry Sanger, executive director of WatchKnow, a site that collects education-related videos. (Hillner, 2010)