Unit 1: Introduction to Integrative Technology for ELL Students in Early Childhood Settings

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Target objectives for Unit 1:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

1. Select a student to identify his or her areas of improvement in English language vocabulary learning

2. Identify online instructional activities to optimize vocabulary building lessons for ELL students


These e-lecture and reflection activities will take place over the next week

Activity #1: Complete the following survey to reflect on your students’ needs

Preliminary Technology Survey

Activity #2: Reading and Response-Why Use Technology in the classroom?

Technology is a controversial topic regarding teaching and instruction. Educators have debated how to integrate technology into classroom and question its learning benefits. Please read the article below and complete the following worksheet Response- Why Use Technology in the Classroom?

Costley, K. C. (2014). The Positive Effects of Technology on Teaching and Student Learning. Arkansas Tech University. Retrieved from:https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED554557.pdf

Activity #3: E-lecture Video
The use of Khan Academy can lead to more engaging instruction to strengthen students’ understanding and cognitive development. Khan Academy is available in 10 different languages. Teachers may find it helpful to use Khan Academy in the students' native language first and then provide the same lesson in English. Please click on the link above to watch "Why I use Khan Academy- An Educator's Perspective." While watching the video take notes on how you plan to use this form of media in your classroom. Also, review the following Article to explore the involvement of Khan Academy Kids in the classroom. Article- Teacher Guide: Using Khan Academy Kids in the Classroom

For more information and ideas for using Khan Academy with English Language Learners browse through the Khan Academy discussion forum
Keep in mind, this discussion forum will be a good resource when create your own integrative technology lesson in Unit 3.

Reflection Activity: Making Connections

Think back to the E-lecture Video in the last activity and respond to the following google form

Unit 1 Reflection Activity