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'''Target Objectives for Unit 1:'''
'''Target Objectives for Unit 1:'''

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Kidsipads.jpg Target Objectives for Unit 1:

Throughout the completion of this unit, participants will:

  1. Choose an individual student and identify one instructional need that may be benefited by the use of technology in the classroom
  2. Identify instructional strategies that work best for this individual student through online provided data which measures student understanding


This reading, response, e-lecture, and reflection will take place over the next week.

Activity #1:
Complete the following survey to reflect on classroom needs for the integration of technology in mathematics.

Preliminary Technology Integration Survey

Activity #2:
Reading and Response– Why Use Technology in the Classroom? Technology is a controversial topic when it comes to teaching and instruction. There have been arguments for and against bringing technology into the classroom. Please read the cited article below and complete the following worksheet. Reading Response Worksheet

Costley, K. C. (2014). The Positive Effects of Technology on Teaching and Student Learning. Arkansas Tech University. Retrieved from: https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED554557.pdf

Activity #3:
E-Lecture Video – Why Use Khan Academy and Desmos? The use of Khan Academy and Desmos can lead to more engaging instruction to strengthen students understanding and cognitive development. Please watch the following videos on the use of Khan Academy and Desmos. While watching these videos, take note of how you plan to use either medium in your classroom and why.

An Educator's Perspective on Khan Academy
An Example of Using Desmos in the Classroom

Reflection Activity:

Think back to the last activity and respond to the following Unit 1 Reflection.

Let's move on to Unit 2: Using Khan Academy and Desmos