Unit 1: Basic Understanding of Utilizing Technology in the Classroom


Unit 1: How do you feel about technology?

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There are two types of technological people: Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. Which one are you? "In 2001 Prensky invented the terms digital natives, referring to students born in the environment full of technology, and digital immigrants referring to those who learned how to use technology later in their lives" (Susa, 2014). Do you feel confident with the technology available to you or do you feel completely lost when looking at a computer? Maybe you are in the middle of the two, where you feel mostly comfortable, yet there are some aspects you are still unsure of. Well, no matter which you are, using technology in the classroom can really enhance the student engagement in the material.

Students today gather the majority of their information from their phones, tablets, iPods, etc. Rarely do they read a newspaper, or a magazine in the traditional sense that you may know. Since students today are more technologically minded, why not teach using media that they are comfortable manipulating?

Before we discuss the integration of technology within the class, lets cover the definition of technology in this context. There have been many definitions given, and they have their similarities. For the purpose of this mini course, "technology integration is described as bringing together or combining technology with teaching and learning strategies in order to meet the curriculum standards and learning outcomes of each lesson, unit, or activity" (Ramorola, n.d.).

To make sure that we understand the basics about technology use in the classroom read the articles provided and watch the video. These articles and video are to assist you in understanding how technology could add to your lessons then we will explore which technology would be most effective in your classroom.


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfN5SSiRoPs (This is a Norwegian based film, but the concept is the same no matter the location) File:Teacher Use of Tech in Class.pdf

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Using a Google Doc, please complete the following, then share with me korytod@gmail.com.

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1. Write a journal entry answering the following questions:

Are you a digital native, immigrant, or somewhere in the middle? Why?

Do you use technology in your classroom? If you do, to what extent? If not, what is holding you back?

Add some of your personal thoughts about the reading.

Please reference back to the readings during your journal entry.

2. Find a piece of research that can support the use of technology within the classroom.

3. Within 200-300 words please analyze how this research supports or contradicts the use of technology in the classroom.



Complete the following in the Discussion tab at the top of the page.

1. Can you see yourself adding technology to your curriculum to enhance student engagement? How?

Unit 2: Strategies for Incorporating Technology

Unit 3: Creating a Technology Based Lesson