Unit 1: Assessing the value of group work.


Unit 1: Assessing the value of group work.

Target objectives:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

1. Identify situations when group work is appropriate.

2. Understand the value of group work in terms of students engagement, and learning.


  • Join the Google Classroom with the code: iok3dft
  • Read the following articles

Top 10 reasons students dislike working in small groups … and why i do it anyway

Cooperative Learning in a Competitive Environment Classroom Applications

Group Work in the Classroom

  • Discussion on the benefits, and disadvantages of group work for each article. You can find the location for your responses for each article in the Unit 1 topic found in google classroom. For each article, you need to respond to two of three prompts and reply to at least three previous posts if available.
  • Group work or something else? Activity. For this assignment, you will be presented with three situations that occur in a physics classroom, your goal is to determine if you would use group work, or something else. Explain what you are going to do and why. Use evidence from the articles in order to justify your position.