Unit 1: "How and What": 3-Dimensional

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Introduction copy.pngUnit 1 Introduction

The purpose of this unit will be to become familiar with the 3 major components of the NGSS, and to brainstorm how a classroom can be run 3-dimensionally. To foster this, you first will engage in a discussion with your classmates about any prior knowledge you have of the NGSS. You then will watch a video lesson walking you through how to find the standards, and what the major sections mean in each standard. You then will practice recognizing these 3 components through a matching game, and you will then complete a short quiz testing your knew knowledge in the form of a Google Form.

Objectives copy.pngUnit 1 Objectives

Objective 1: Participants will explain what the 3 major platforms of the NGSS are.

Objective 2: Brainstorm how a classroom can be run 3-dimensionally.

Tasks copy.pngTasks

  1. Post in discussion board on Google Classroom (refer to "Prerequisites" section to learn how to join our class)
  2. Respond to 2 classmates in discussion
  3. Watch and complete EdPuzzle (refer to "Prerequisites" section to learn how to join our class)
  4. Categories Game in Google Classroom
  5. Complete Google Form in Google Classroom

Discussion copy.pngDiscussion

The purpose of this discussion is to get you thinking about what you do and do not know about the NGSS. Objective 1

  1. Log into Google Classroom
  2. Click on the following discussion question (recognizable by the Question copy.png in the upper left hand corner of the post) Discussion 1.png ‎
  3. Read the small print instructions.
  4. Post about what you do or do not already know about the NGSS.
  5. Add a little bit about what you would like to learn in this course.
  6. Respond to 2 classmates.

Video copy.png3 Platforms of the NGSS

The purpose of this EdPuzzle video is to explain the 3 major platforms to the NGSS. Visit the NGSS website to further investigate this website. Objective 1

  1. Log into the EdPuzzle classroom
  2. Click on the video titled "NGSS Unit 1 EdPuzzle Video". NGSS Unit 1 edpuzzle.png
  3. Answer questions in the EdPuzzle as prompted.

Play copy.pngCategories Game

The purpose of this activity is for you to be able to check your knowledge thus far on the structure of the NGSS. If you match incorrectly, it is advised that you revisit the EdPuzzle video and read through the website addressed in the video. Objective 1

  • In this activity there is 1 DCI, 1 SEP, and 1 CCC randomized.
  1. Log into Google Classroom
  2. Click the link in the assignment titled "Categories Game". Categories.png
  3. Match all 3 statements with their correct category (DCI's, SEP's, and CCC's).

Google-forms copy.pngGoogle Form

The purpose of this quick check is to write ideas for how you see a 3-dimensional classroom working. What would it look like? Is your current teaching style useful for a 3-dimensional classroom? What would you change about the way you teach and your assessments in order to make your classroom 3-dimensional? Objective 2

  1. Log into Google Classroom
  2. Complete the google form titled "Creating a 3-Dimensional Classroom" Unit 1 Quick Check.png

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Unit 2: How to Teach Using a 3-Dimensional Model of Instruction

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