Understanding and Integrating ISNs Discussion Space

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Directions for discussion

As might be obvious, this is not a traditional discussion board. Thus, to use this space you will have to learn the basics of wiki formatting, which can be located here: Help:Contents. You will only be creating new lines of text, not new pages.

To post an initial response, be sure to place it under the appropriate unit and lesson. Use a * and place your comment in bold. When responding to a post, use another * with a preceding semicolon to indent your comment. Do not place this reply in bold.

Discussion for Unit 1: What are Interactive Student Notebooks?

Discussion for Unit 2: How are Interactive Student Notebooks Used in the Classroom?

Discussion for Lesson 1: Setting up the ISN

Discussion for Lesson 2: Creating and Utilizing Input and Output Activities

Discussion for Lesson 3: Assessing the ISN

Discussion for Unit 3: Why Use Interactive Student Notebooks?

Discussion for Unit 4: Personal Implementation: ISNs in Your Classroom