Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Hello and welcome to this course on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I would first like you to ask yourself if you know what autism is. If you don't know, or feel that you would like to know more about autism, you have come to the right place!

Course Goals

In this course you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using a variety of media devices
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of ASD
  • Learn how ASD is diagnosed and treated
  • Create strategies for working with students with autism
  • Discuss common myths about ASD with your peers
  • Review lesson plans that can be used with students that have autism
  • Create and implement a lesson plan that can be used with students that have autism

Unit One: Understanding Autism

Guiding Question: What do I need to know about autism?


  • Fill out K-W-L chart on what you already know about autism, what you want to learn about autism, and what you learned about autism after viewing the PowerPoint presentation.
  • View PowerPoint presentation on information about autism
  • Complete twenty-question quiz about autism
  • Use the answer key to check your answers on quiz to self-assess your work and check for understanding

Unit Two: Using Media to Develop your Understanding of Autism

Guiding Question: What are some common myths about Autism?


  • View a video on facts and myths about autism
  • Read an article discussing 10 common facts about autism
  • Participate in course discussion by describing your own myths about autism

Unit Three: Strategies for Working with Students with Autism

Guiding question: What are some strategies you can use when working with students with autism?


  • View assigned websites that provide tips and stratgies to use when working with students with autism
  • Create an upload a poster that highlights at least 10 strategies that you can use when working with students with autism
  • Decide which strategies would be most effective and which ones would be hardest to implement
  • Discuss with your peers strategies you have used in your own classroom and whether or not they were effective

Unit Four: Creating a Lesson Plan

Guiding Question: What is a lesson you could use when teaching students with autism?


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