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[[Unit 1: Lesson Two]]''': ''What is Camtasia Studio?'''''
[[Unit 1: Lesson Two]]''': ''What is Camtasia Studio?'''''
[[Unit 1: Lesson Three]]''': ''Why Use Screen Captures?'''''
[[Unit 1: Lesson Three]]''': ''Why Capture the screen?'''''

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A traditional teaching environment that includes lecture and textbook approaches may only appeal to learners who lean towards a linguistic approach. However, teaching methods that include the use of video and audio will, in effect, "reach more students and provide more opportunities for neural development and learning." (Marshall, 2002)



By the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Understand the educational benefits of using video in the classroom
  2. Explain the purpose of Camtasia Studio
  3. Identify educational contexts where screen captures can be used effectively

Unit Lessons

To get started, click on Lesson One below.

Unit 1: Lesson One: Why Use Video in the Classroom?

Unit 1: Lesson Two: What is Camtasia Studio?

Unit 1: Lesson Three: Why Capture the screen?