UNIT 2: Screenshots/Misc

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Why is this important?

Why do we have SMART Boards? Why use this program? After conducting a learner analysis from teachers within an elementary school, the demand is as follows: users of SMART Notebook and interactive whiteboards want to be able to make their "usual" class routines more simplistic, waste less paper, and just, to be frank, easier. Learning how to take a screen capture (or screen shot, they are the same) is important because learners can capture their work and save it for later use. The miscellaneous section of this course covers some capabilities of SMART Notebook, including some great interactive games in which teachers can learn how to incorporate into daily lessons to reach all forms of learners.


At the completion of this unit, learners will be able to:

  1. navigate SMART Notebook to locate "Screen Capture" and the different capabilities of screen capturing
  2. Screen capture any body of work that they have annotated and save for later use
  3. locate useful programs within the internet to incorporate games such as Jeopardy within SMART Notebook

Unit Lessons

Lesson 2.1: Screenshots

Lesson 2.2: Miscellaneous

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Final Words

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