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''To get started, click on Lesson One below.''  
''To get started, click on Lesson One below.''  
[[Unit 2: Lesson One]]: Let's Get Started
[[Unit 2: Lesson One]]: '''Let's Get Started'''
[[Unit 2: Lesson Two]]: Editing and Adding transitions
[[Unit 2: Lesson Two]]: '''Editing and Adding transitions'''
[[Unit 2: Lesson Three]]: Making a Movie
[[Unit 2: Lesson Three]]: '''Making the Movie'''

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Camtasia Studio is used to capture any or all screen activity. You have the option to add narration and save it as a recording that the students can play back. The software offers users the ability to edit the video and/or sound after it has been recorded. The recording can be saved in a variety of formats depending on how you will make them available: network, CDROM, or streaming via the Internet.



By the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Start and save a new project in Camtasia Studio
  2. Perform an effective screen capture
  3. Edit and add transitions
  4. Export a movie to be used for instructional purposes

Unit Lessons

To get started, click on Lesson One below.

Unit 2: Lesson One: Let's Get Started

Unit 2: Lesson Two: Editing and Adding transitions

Unit 2: Lesson Three: Making the Movie