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Objectives for this unit

In this unit, learners will be able to :

  • Choose a writing lesson to use wikis for the class
  • Analyze the problems may happen when apply wikis for writing class
  • Choose the solutions for the problems

What Problems may happen?


  • Students in the writing class may be not active in joining online discussion as supposed.
  • Students may be not quite familiar with make edition or addition work for peers in wikis environment.
  • Students in the class just view peers' work without make any comments or edition.

Is there any smart solutions for the problems?


  • Choose extra-curricular time for online discussion ( on wikis online discussion area) for the writing class, and connect the students' performance in activity with the grade for this class.
  • Hold face-to-face discussion in the classroom about questions which appear when students using wikis for this writing class, and teacher help students to clear about these questions.
  • Encourage students to make meaningful comments and suggestions for their peers' work so that they can join in the cooperative learning within the wikis environment. If one student get some effective comments by some peers, he can inform the teacher to add points for that or those peers for their academic records for this class with the teacher's authorization.


Please choose one class and use wikis for your real writing class. You can choose wikis at the beginning of the class to introduce the writing skills or use it for class discussion, it is by your will.You may find some questions besides the questions we have mentioned in this course,please post your new findings in our Discussion Area

So, you are almost finish this mini course. And you are able to take what you have learned in this course to your real teaching environment.I'd like to listen to your suggestions and new ideas about this mini course,please reflect these questions on the Discussion Area:

  • What is the best part in this mini course?
  • Where do you want to some change to make this course be better?
  • Do you want to share this class with your colleagues?

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