Turning Learning Upside Down: Planning a Flipped Classroom Lesson



Unit 1: Using a Flipped Classroom Approach


  • When asked to explain a flipped classroom model, the learner classifies the flipped classroom approach by writing a definition that includes the necessary components.
  • When asked “Why should you use a flipped classroom model?”, the learner will state the advantages of utilizing a flipped classroom by composing a written list of at least three beneficial characteristics.
  • Given a set of lessons, the learner will demonstrate selecting appropriate content by choosing a lesson from their teaching experience.

Unit 2: Planning the Pre-class lesson


    • When asked “How is a pre class lecture is beneficial?”, the learner will state characteristics to engage students through the pre class video and reflection questions by selecting them from a list.
    • When asked to plan a pre class lecture video, the learner will generate a storyboard, by composing a set of slides that includes text, images, and multimedia elements.
    • When asked to plan a pre class lecture video, the learner will generate a script, by listing the important talking points for the lecture.
    • When asked to compose a knowledge check, the learner will generate questions in writing, to promote student self reflection.
    • Given a traditional lesson, the learner will generate a plan for a pre class lecture by developing a storyboard, script, and reflection questions.

Unit 3: Planning the Classroom Activity