Translation as a Method of Language Teaching

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"...students do. and always will, translate into their LI, no matter how often we exhort them not to"
- Atkinson (in Harbord. 1992)


Intent of Project

This lesson plan will show ESL educatorswhat is Translation Teaching and why it is a useful language teaching method.

Topics that will be covered:

Unit 1: What is Translation?

  • Definition
  • History of Translation Studies

Unit 2: Why, Translation method is important in language learning?

  • Approaches to Translation

Unit 3: What is advantages of using translation as a teaching resource?

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

Unit 4: How does translating work, and how can integrate it into language learning instruction?

  • Translation Method
  • Techniques

Unit 5: Exercises

  • Vocabulary Translation
  • Grammar Translation
  • Paragraph Translation