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The Unknowns of the SMART Board


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Hello and welcome to The Unknowns of the SMART Board ! I have found through experience that many educators utilize the SMART Board for one thing and one thing only, note taking. You may or may not be one of those people but did you know there’s more to a SMART Board than just that? There are options to create review sessions, educational games and simply interactive lessons rather than traditional pen and paper note taking. If you don't have a SMART Board in front of you, no worries, you can take notes!

Now pull out your notepad and pencil or fire up your computer so we can get started!

[Want to learn a few tips and tricks about the SMART Board software, Notepad? Then click here!]


Please complete this [survey] before you jump into this mini-course. It's only 6 questions asking you about your experience with the SMART Board software.

Lesson 1: The Basics

Expectations :

  • Key components will be introduced such as: text, pens, shapes, and lines.
  • Screen capture button will be presented with its uses and benefits.
  • The measuring tools will also be shown how to use with videos.

The Basics: Task

Lesson 2: Interactive Content

Source: Fulldome.pro

Expectations :

  • Educators will be introduced to The Gallery and the components involved in The Gallery.
  • SMART Exchange will be briefly presented for the benefit of the educator.

Interactive Content: Task

Lesson 3: Resource Content

Expectations :

  • Various types of review activities will be available to view.
  • Games, activities, and such will also be introduced.

Resource Content: Task

Post Assessment

The post assessment includes a final task asking you to use everything you've learned to create your own mini-course.

Once you've finished going through all the lessons and tasks, including the post assessment task, please complete this 10-question survey/quiz.


References and Resources



Survey Monkey


SMART Exchange

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