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Designed by Kristine Fleckenstein

The MOON Project
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A way for instructors to integrate investigative learning in astronomy along with the world on a scientific website.


The World MOON project provides a means for students to make observations of the phases of the moon and compare it with observations of their peers. It is both a collaborative and project-based inquiry learning experience for students to learn a critical concept in astronomy. With this, students are able to integrate scientific concepts along with cultural concepts by interacting with students around the world through the World MOON Project Website. This mini-course is designed to help teachers include this project in their lessons in astronomy. It best suits the needs of grades 5-8 instruction, but it could also be incorporated into high school or middle school earth science classes.

The website can be accessed through this link:

Course Objectives:

  1. Given links and the online teacher manual, the learner will use the website The World MOON Project to teach the phases of the moon to their class.
  2. Given The World MOON Project website, the learner will apply project-based learning environment to teach the phases of the moon to their class.
  3. Given the project-based learning environment of The MOON Project, the learner will be able to assist their students in collaborative scientific environments to develop critical thinking skills necessary for a 21st century learning environment.
  4. Given The World MOON Project, the learner will be able to assess their students' understanding of the phases of the moon by interpreting their responses to online and in-class discussions and written observations of the phases of the moon.

Unit Objectives:

  • Unit 1- The learners will be able to browse the MOON project website and identify its educational goals.
  • Unit 2- Learners will be able to identify the features of project-based and collaborative learning within the context of the MOON Project.
  • Unit 3- Learners will be able to use The MOON Project in their classes.
  • Unit 4- Learners will be able to evaluate student performance in The MOON Project.

Course Units:

Unit 1- What is the MOON Project?

Unit 2- Collaborative and Project Based Learning

Unit 3- Using the MOON Project in the Classroom

Unit 4- Evaluating Student Progress with The MOON Project