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=='''Unit 2: Graphing Calculator & The Exam'''==
=='''Unit 2: Graphing Calculator & The Exam'''==
[[File:graphingcalculator.jpeg|100px|thumb|center|alt text]]
[[File:graphingcalculator.jpeg|150px|thumb|left|alt text]]
'''[[Lesson 2.1: Graphing Calculator Skills]] '''
'''[[Lesson 2.1: Graphing Calculator Skills]] '''

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In my experience, students struggle to pass the NYS Common Core Algebra 1 Exam. The graphing calculator can be used to help students solve a majority of the exam questions. This course will teach you about graphing calculator skills that can be used to solve common core algebra problems, and how to implement these graphing calculator skills into your teaching.



  • Reflect on current teaching methods and set goals for this mini course.
  • Identify different ways to solve common core algebra problems.
  • Understand how to use the TI 84 plus graphing calculator.
  • Determine which common core algebra problems can be solved using a graphing calculator.
  • Describe the steps to solving a common core algebra problem using the graphing calculator.
  • Implement graphing calculator skills to solve common core algebra problems.
  • Construct algebra lesson plans incorporating the graphing calculator.

Unit 1: Reflection & Goal Setting

Lesson 1.1: Reflection

Lesson 1.2: Goal Setting

Unit 2: Graphing Calculator & The Exam

alt text

Lesson 2.1: Graphing Calculator Skills

Lesson 2.2: Problem Solving

Lesson 2.3: Exam Questions

Unit 3: Lesson Planning and Instruction

Lesson 3.1:

Lesson 3.2:


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