Teacher Presence and How to Create a Webcast


Getting Started



· Familiarity with any type of interactive whiteboard program such as: SMART Notebook and EPSON Whiteboard. You can download a free trial of SMART Notebook here https://education.smarttech.com/en/products/notebook/download

· Basic knowledge of how to navigate internet exploring programs such as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

· Some of the material is directed towards learners who teach students in Grades K-1. Explanations of why each component of the lesson is featured will be provided.

Objectives of this Course

At the conclusion of this course, learners will...

· be able to create and locate interactive lessons to have learners come to the board and manipulate/write

· demonstrate how to make routines of their class simpler, more effective, and interactive.

· be able to navigate SMART Notebook and other interactive whiteboard programs.

· acquire the knowledge to write on websites, screenshot, and save for later use.

UNIT I: Annotations

UNIT 2: SMART Notebook

UNIT 3: Screenshots/Misc

Assessment of this Course

Resources/External Links