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Feedback on your course -- Jianwei Zhang 09:22, 1 May 2009 (EDT)

Great progress and nice work! Several comments:

(a) Your course intro page should begin with an informing paragraph that helps the participants to understand the focus, purpose/objectives, organization, and learning strategies of this course.

(b) Your course is reading heavy in terms of the learning design. You have designed some good questions for each reading. To make a reading activity more meaningful and engaging, you may want to background each reading by informing the participants why you want them to read it and provide a brief summary as an advanced organizer.

(c) To complement the readings, you may think about how to provide specific examples/cases in order to anchor participants reading and thinking. I think this is probably the most important improvement you need to make. The examples/cases can be lesson plans, rubrics, student lab work examples/artifacts, videos (search on youtube or

(d) Your unit 1 needs to include the same navigation links in the end as other units.

(e) I see this mini-course as a more advanced and specialized resource teachers can study on the basis of the existing courses such as Science Inquiry. You may reference that course in your unit 1.