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Your survey of learners is very helpful in finding out their current knowledge and practice. Have you identified any gaps that need to be addressed in order for them to create and use authentic assessments in classroom? That info will help you focus your course. As I read the list of objectives, it seems that many of them are about learning assessment methods in general, and I assume that you'll need to focus more on understanding what authentic assessment is, how to create and use it, and how to interpret its results. --Jianwei 3/9

Thank you for the link. I will search for more articles as well. --Valerie

Great. I think you've identified a good topic to work on! And nice design of your online survey. A really good reference is the latest review on this topic: [[1]] You can get the full text from our library. --Jianwei

Hi- Well I was thinking of something different but I also was thinking of assessments and I do think this is better than what I was thinking. I did go through the course you reference so I think I will change up my Portfolio page to this focus. I agree there is alot out there on this topic and in one of my projects recently, I have been given a good experience in just what an application level test is and what those questions look like. (real world- situated- etc.) thanks so much for the feedback.

    • there is a question posted in our course in the Design Project view about asking our classmates to do a survey. Jane and I wondered the same thing and I would not know who else to ask for a learner assessment- or needs assessment. I do have experience with typical test questions (MC, T/F) and that they are normally geared to knowledge recall- especially the ones provided by a publisher- like I work for (I know first hand these are mainly recall questions)

If you have other ideas on how this can be done with out access to students, do let me know. I could talk to a few school administrators but I could not guarantee I can reach them by Friday.

Hi Val, Are you thinking about a course on formative assessment and feedback? This seems to be a good topic, and is becoming a core issue in recent literature. We'll have a unit on this topic later in this class. You may look at the ongoing assessment course created last year and make clearer your focus. Go ahead.


Collaborate on the same topic -- Jianwei Zhang 21:24, 18 March 2008 (EDT)

Hi Val, You should talk to Allison as she is focusing on the same topic. This is a rich topic, and you can work together to develop two related courses focusing on different aspects. Allison's Portfolio Page -Jianwei