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-- Brittany Zadrozinski (talk) 11:25, 25 April 2013 (EDT)

Objectives: I did not see any clearly stated on the Unit 1 page... I would add those so students know what they will be able to do by the end of the Unit.

First Lesson: The beginning activity seems challenging, unless they already have prior knowledge on those 21st century learners and such, if they do then this is fine, if not it could be challenging.

I enjoyed the 7 skills reading, underneath I would write why they need to read them, and why they are helpful in this unit (noticed that was a common issue the Professor mentioned) (I need to add it too!)

The instructional sequencing made sense and was clear. No concepts were introduced before necessary prerequisites (I am assuming the students already know about 21st century learners).

The technical quality was fine.

There weren't any recommended resources, so you should probably add some. Make sure to say why you are recommending them, what they are good for. (I see sources at the end are these sources you used, or those recommended sources)

Engagement and interaction - This was good, you had them fill in a graphic in lesson two as well as gave those a text based option. Also allowing them to interact and discuss with peers. Awesome.

Suggestion: Have them use the questions from the beginning activity in activity 1, but ask some more questions, to see how their views changed and such when they get to the end of the activity.

-- Amanda Moore (talk) 21:01, 25 April 2013 (EDT)

Hi Jeanne,

  Your first unit is incredibly organized.  The unit is well sequenced and skills are scaffolded.  I particularly liked how easy you made it to ask for help with some of the technology aspects of the course.  In addition, you made it clear that students have an option as to how technical they get with the concept map.  I think this made it easy for participants to feel comfortable taking risks with media they may not be familiar with because they had the opportunity to fall back on something else.  The resources you've provided for your participants are meaningful and clearly support the objectives of the unit. 
  One suggestion I would like to offer, is regarding the introduction questions.  As I previewed the unit, I too, like Brittany, felt that the questions were a bit difficult, especially for someone who is new to the idea of the 21st century learner and related skills.  I think your reasoning for including these questions was to see how the opinions and ideas of the participants change while learning; this reminds me of an anticipation guide.  If this is true, you might consider turning these questions into more of a true/false or strongly agree, agree, disagree, questionnaire.  At the end of the unit, you might turn the questions back into open-ended questions and encourage participants to elaborate and reflect on their initial responses. 
 Good luck!


-- Mary Guadron (talk) 00:21, 29 April 2013 (EDT)

Hi Jeanne, This is Mary, just dropping by your course. I love your warm, inviting tone. You show empathy for those who fear technology! You are very reassuring and give good reasons why it is important to integrate technology for 21st century learning. Hint - for your performance objectives on your home page, you say "participants will be able to:" and then 3 of the verbs end with "ing". The other verbs are fine grammatically. Your unit 1 is very interesting. I particularly like your interactive blog activity and the creative concept map activity. These activities will motivate learners and keep them interested. Your goals are consistent with your content to help learners learn. The technical quality of your unit 1 is good. Your layout is clean and looks professional. Nice work. - Mary

Instructor feedback on your draft unit -- Jianwei Zhang (talk) 22:15, 1 May 2013 (EDT)

Your course's front page and unit 1 look very inviting, engaging, and informative. Nice work.

A couple issues: 1) The following objective has not been addressed much in your unit 1: Increase understanding of the importance of integrating technology into instruction and assessment (this objective needs to be rephrased using performance verb, such as explain) 2) Your unit 1 can end with a reflection on why integrating tech, pooling together thoughts developed through the lesson activities.