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Instructor Comments on your course -- Jz833665 11:19, 20 November 2009 (EST)

You're working towards a solid and well-designed course! Excellent!

Here are some suggestions for your consider to improve unit 1 and other units:

a) Integrate/re-organize the materials to enable a better pathway of learning. You may position yourself as the learner to go though each subheading and reflect: do I understand? what do I want to know now? For example, in unit 1, you begin with a definition of concept map. A learner reading the definition may immediately wants to see one of two specific examples to better understand the definitions. So instead of showing all the example in the end, you may show a few here, and then extend the learners' understanding using more examples later. I'm "thinking aloud" to demonstrate how you may think from the perspective of the learner to create a better pathway of learning.

b) Your subheading "sample..." is more about ways to use CM in classrooms than samples of CM.

C) Integrate learning activities with reading of texts. For example, you may think about if the one (or both) of the learning activities you listed in the end can be move before the reading of the samples/ways of using CM, so that the activities/problems will help drive the reading.

D) An activity such as a brainstorm can be supported using a discussion page linked to that activity. e.g.,User_talk:Abigail_Moskovits

See General_Suggestions_and_Feedback#Can_I_create_a_discussion_task_and_space_in_my_wiki-based_course