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Instructor feedback on your mini-course -- Jz833665 11:20, 27 April 2010 (EDT)

The unit you've drafted is in a good shape. I really like the flow you've created through your unit to work with the participants through a successively deepening set of issues. A few suggestions:

  • Think about reworking the opening section of this course (i.e. the front page), to begin with the participants' interest and challenge (e.g., online learning is getting popular, but hard...) instead of the document. You may include a more detailed introduction to the document in one of your unit 1 activity 3.
  • Think about using "online learners" instead of "distance students/learners" as some of the participants might be working with students on campus but in online courses.
  • Fully spell out words like CMS.
  • Worksheet: specify how it can be filled? e.g., print it out and fill it on paper...
  • At the end of each unit, you may include a summary/reflection to highlight important take-aways through the activities.

Comments -- Jason Chwirut 15:41, 29 April 2010 (EDT)

Anne, I love your topic. I think this is a great course for someone whom is considering taking or teaching any type of distance learning. Your overview is very informative and your objectives are clear. After reviewing your first unit, I like your style. By asking students to reflect and write down commentary allows your learners to not only reflect on what is being taught but allows them to come back to their materials at anytime as a reference. Your choice of video works very well as an introduction into the unit. Short and to the point which allows learners to remain focused and less likely to lose attention. The only suggestions I have for you are simply cosmetic. You don't have to use this suggestion because I think what you have now works just fine, but what if you were to link your external links to text instead of using numerics. I only suggest this to create more of a visual so learners will know exactly what to click on when asked to view something. Other than that Anne, I think you have a great course on your hands. Great work!!! -Jason