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Create a new page for each unit -- Jianwei Zhang 09:34, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

David, you may want to create a new page for each unit so that your home/front page will only contain a course description + index of the units.

As well, re. your objectives:

- Understand the use of multiple intelligences in the classroom.
- Evaluate students' learning preferances
- Apply teaching strategies to enhance multiple intelligences
- Create a cross curricular project 

Thinking about the needs of the potential users of your course, I think it is important to help them understand what MI is and the implications ("then what") for classroom change. I guess your first (and second?) objective is to address the "what," and the rest to address "then what." Is this the sequence/flow embedded in your course.

At least at the surface level, I'm not quite clear about the role of the fourth objective. Is it addressing a particular teaching strategy, following your unit 3?

Overall, I think that your course can be more focused. Try to focus on the what and then what.