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Re. the Performance Objectives

(situation) Using this wiki course, the learner will be able to (LCV) adopt (object) schema theory when (action) teaching college-level American history.

It is interesting that you list "using this wiki course" as the situation. Do you mean that the teachers will be opening this wiki-course as a resource when designing their history teaching?

I like this overarching way of stating the objectives. But it seems that this objective is more like an objective set by you as the designer, instead of something that your target learners would find meaningful, interesting, and relevant. I think it might be helpful to expand it a bit so that the objective is not so dense, and connect to the learners' needs. For example, if one of the important implications of schema theory is to build connections between historic events, you may want to specify: "adopt schema theory in helping students build connected history knowledge..." and so forth... --Jianwei

Re: Re. the Performance Objectives -- Jianwei Zhang 22:09, 9 March 2008 (EDT)