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Instructor Comments on your analyses -- Jz833665 22:07, 7 March 2010 (EST)

Tamara, your initial work for this project is very impressive. Your analysis of the outcomes, context, the learner is very helpful for your next steps.

Re. the scope of your design:

   *  aim to inform teachers on the importance of integrating technology into the classrooms;
   * basic and advanced Microsoft Excel skills;
   * basic and advanced Geometer's Sketchpad skills; and
   * exploring how integrating technology can affect student motivation. 

I suggest that your #1 AND #4 on the list be more closely tied to the two technological tools you've chosen. Also, you may want to highlight the pedagogical aspect of the tech use, such as focus on using GSP and Excel to support student inquiry and discovery of math principles and relationships.

Please work on your course-level objectives following what we've learned in Week 7.