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Developmental Tryout -- Shane.D (talk) 21:54, 22 April 2016 (EDT)

What Was Done Well?

Overall, the pages for your introduction page and unit 1 are very well organized and can be easily used. The units are clearly laid out that allows the student to see the sequence of the sub-topics about the overarching topic of PBL in music classrooms. I noticed how the units were connected to the outcomes that Matt has set up from the beginning of the topic. When I was reading the learning outcomes, I clearly saw how he was focused on first getting students to be thinking about PBL and how to be using National Art Standards, then transitioning into analyzing projects in music classroom. The last focus would be to create their own project for his/her classroom. This gets me thinking that Matt has structured his mini-course in a way that gets students to be applying their knowledge to their own classrooms so they can take something away from the course.

In Unit 1, there were many things that stood out to me that I appreciated very much. First, I thought it was great to structure the unit with first having the students read the objectives for the unit. This got me initially thinking about what I would be learning and reading later on. Additionally, the PBL graphic was really helpful to introduce the topic in a very brief way. It got the main ideas across before diving deep into the content. The resources that were provided were excellent! The websites and articles solidified my understanding about the topic. Furthermore, the YouTube video was probably my favorite part. It provided lots of useful videos and explained things in a different way that provided for another way to think about the topic. I was motivated to continue to learning about PBL because of that resource.

Have You Considered?

One area that I thought about adding some feedback in was about the Unit 1 assessment. I liked the Google Doc and activity that we are completing to analyze our thinking. It will create the opportunity for collaboration between the students. With this assessment, I noticed how the objectives weren't clearly being assessed. The question "what do you now understand about Project Based Learning?" is getting students to think about how to define PBL and identify the educational theories, but it is not explicitly asked. While this may be intentional, I just thought the questioning could be stronger by clearly having the students think about the objectives. I do like how you provided the option of students to think about what they would still like to think/learn about.

-Shane Devlin