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Hi Kelly,

First, your portfolio page can contain any records of your work towards your final product. But you need to create a separate page as the homepage of your course, for users to get in through. You can name it "Advanced Organizer," and include a link to it in your portfolio. Please look at other folks' pages (e.g., Anne's) as examples.

Re. your course units/outlines.

UNIT 1- Background Information
Unit 1 Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize what an advance organizer is
2. Discriminate between advance organizers and graphic organizers
UNIT 2-Definitions of Advance Organizers
Unit 2 Learning Objective: Identify the purpose of advance organizers
UNIT 3- Different Types of Advance Organizers
Unit 3 Learning Objective: Identify the various ways in which advance organizers can be utilized
UNIT 4- Examples of Advance Organizers
UNIT 4 Learning Objective: Utilize advance organizers to enhance student learning

I'd suggest that you should merge units 1 and 2, as they deal the same objective of understanding what an advanced organizer is for; and merge units 3 and 4, as they both address the "how-to," helping teachers understand how this strategy can be used in different content areas and contexts of teaching. The units should be created in line with the learning objectives and their connections. It is quite different from how you list sub-headings for a paper. I hope this is helpful.