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Developmental Try Out by Elise -- Elise Weiss 16:52, 26 November 2009 (EST)

Can this unit help me learn something meaningful and achieve the stated objectives?

What a creative course Sandy! Currently, I supervise prospective (preschool) teachers and saw connections to what I do and what I CAN do for my students and their future little students! What an important topic to tell you the truth! The beginning quote was significant. It was engaging -as I am sure it was meant to be. I do think your name should be on the first page! You should be proud of this! I am not 100% sure if we have to put our objectives on the main page or leave it in the portfolio section but I do think your course needed some objectives/ purposes up front. I put my objectives on both my main page and my portfolio page.

The introductory video was enlightening and just what you needed to grab attention and hook the participants. The video served the purpose of connecting movement and learning --exercising to maximize brain power. A great find! I would put in some navigation links to and from your units to bring us around more readily and maybe type in to "remember to hit the back button after the video" as I got lost a few times -even when I know better!

You did ask about answering some questions. Could you link to a discussion page of some sort for participants to write down their thoughts, learning, and view others as well?

The videos specifically in the units were also great gems! Chi-Time? What a great alternative! Plus -the lesson plans as examples of how to fit all this in your schedule were valuable. Could you provide a link to more? Maybe even suggest the participants list lesson plan ideas or have a contribution page for people who already have lessons that fit in? Does that make sense?

I loved how you exposed me to the BAM website. Any concrete examples on how to utilize the BAM website? The food pyramid and other links to "BENEFITS" were well done. One comment -- could you find an example of the "new" food pyramid?

Again -- CREATIVE --DIFFERENT---IMPORTANT TOPIC I am glad to have had the opportunity to review your course! SUPER WORK! --Elise

Suggestions -- Kelly Geddes 18:40, 27 November 2009 (EST)


I love the topic. I think we often forget how important it is to learn by doing. School is setup so the student sits at a desk, listens to the teacher, and does what they are told. You topic truly encounters the importance of movement and its role in learning.

First, I like how your introduction uses the story about bicycle. It captured my attention and leaves me wanting more. I was confused about the video -- and the questions to follow. The introduction should be brief -- I am wondering if it would better fit into one of your units.

From the looks, you are still designing -- so I will briefly highlight some things I noticed thus far in regards to your units: 1. You provide a lot of valuable information but no guide questions/activities for learning 2. I would use subheadings and titles to divide your content up -- this will help organize the information and get the course to flow. 3. I found it hard to move from unit to unit -- you might want to add a link to the next unit at the bottom 4. I also didn't notice any objectives? 5. Unit 3 incorporates graphics -- it really helped drive your points home. Did you ever think about adding them into your other lessons?

Again these are just suggestions -- I think you have a great start. I can't wait to check back and see how the course ends up!


Jianwei's comments on your draft course -- Jianwei Zhang 22:01, 8 December 2009 (EST)

This is a very interesting course. Below are a few suggestions to help you create a better sequence/flow of learning.

(a) For each video you use, you may briefly foreground it by highlighting what it is about;

(b) Your units 3 and a part of your unit 2 address "why" (benefits), with your unit 2 additionally incorporating "how"(activity and lessons). I suggest that you use your unit 2 to specifically address "why" (including benefits) to help educators recognize the importance (attitude change), and use your unit 3 to show "how" (rename it accordingly using "move" and copy and paste the related sections of your unit 2 into 3) .

(c) In your unit 1, you listed a set of questions for reflection; but I cannot see how these questions connect to what you have presented in unit 1, and these questions seem to be "overarching" the whole course. If this is correct, you may think about using these questions (or a few) in the front/intro page or the beginning of your unit 1, to guide and prime participant thinking.