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Hi Michelle. I really interesting project related to math learning is [Math Forum]. You may take a look. --Jianwei

Sorry to keep bothering you about a topic for the design project. I jsut want to make sure that I am doing this correctly. I do not want to start something and then a couple weeks in have to start over becasue its not correct. I see that you posted a note for me on my wiki site about the site math forum. What exactly would I be doing with that site? Would my design project be about that site or would I incorporate math forum into my project? I have been looking at the design projects from your class last semester, but it is still not clicking with what I am suppose to be doing. Am I creating a lesson with acitivites that someone would actually do?? (Michelle)

The course you're designing should help teachers understand a new learning and teaching approach/technology and use it in their classrooms. Math Forum represents a learning community approach used in math learning. If this approach is something you want to "teach" teachers, then, looking at the Math Forum project will give the understanding of the pedagogical principles, methods, and tools. You can teach Math Form (pedagogy + tech) as your focus if you think it is rich enough, or you can focus on the design of a math learning community with Math Forum as one example. --Jianwei

Jianwei, What about a design project about inquiry-based learning and the use of webquests in the classroom? I saw that was a topic you had written on the main page. I have done little work with webquests in a prior class and I feel this would be an interesting topic for me to research, and then possibly use in my own classroom? Michelle