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Hi Michelle. I really interesting project related to math learning is [Math Forum]. You may take a look. --Jianwei

Feedback on your ICM

  • It is nice that you have mapped out the structure of your course, with objectives of each unit clearly identified. As you move along, you may want to elaborate pre-requisites/enabling objectives for the major units (e.g., Unit 2, 4), so that you can decide what you need to address.
  • As well, unit 2 currently focuses on choosing a topic. As I understand, a major piece of webquest design is to turn a topic into a "challenge" or a problem that drives student thinking, not just study a topic. So designing the problem context should be included in this unit too.
  • Unit 5 is not really "final thoughts" but about evaluation. You may refer to related courses from other colleagues () so that you can save some energy.

Feedback on your objectives

  1.  State what a webquest is.
  2. Research and find online resourse to use in their own webquests.
  3. Generate a webquest for their specific content area.
  4. Adopt inquiry-based learning through the use of the internet into their classroom. 

Item 4 is a bit too broad and I'm not sure if your course on one model will enable this general goal.

Item 3 really has included 2, as finding resources is a part of designing a webquest.

I'm not sure if "generate webquest" here means to design the blueprint of it, or also includes facilitating/implementing it. If not, you may want to list facilitating/implementing...(e.g., the teacher's role in the process) as another goal, which is very important.

--Jianwei 3/11