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Hi Michelle. I really interesting project related to math learning is [Math Forum]. You may take a look. --Jianwei

Feedback on your objectives

  1.  State what a webquest is.
  2. Research and find online resourse to use in their own webquests.
  3. Generate a webquest for their specific content area.
  4. Adopt inquiry-based learning through the use of the internet into their classroom. 

Item 4 is a bit too broad and I'm not sure if your course on one model will enable this general goal.

Item 3 really has included 2, as finding resources is a part of designing a webquest.

I'm not sure if "generate webquest" here means to design the blueprint of it, or also includes facilitating/implementing it. If not, you may want to list facilitating/implementing...(e.g., the teacher's role in the process) as another goal, which is very important.

--Jianwei 3/11