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Feedback on course design to date -- Dbyrne (talk) 11:20, 3 November 2014 (EST)

Hi Mike,

I noticed in one of your discussion posts that you will be making some online tutorials - what a great way to model your thinking and the processes for your students. Great stuff!

I think your performance objectives look good - and I congratulate you - this tends to be a hard step to grasp before some more practice kicks in. One small note, but an important looks as though your headings for your performance objectives (what the students will be doing) and your course objectives (the overarching goals) are reversed. :D

One last bit of feedback. You might consider leaving the quiz in module 2 and then keep the lesson in module 3. however, I noticed that there is another lesson later on that includes incorporating interactive elements. So I am wondering if your learners will be creating ONE lesson that evolves throughout the mini-course? (like your mini-course project in ETAP623).

You're making good progress!