Talk:Lu's min-course: Integrating Web 2.0 Tools into Social Studies Context


Instructor comments -- Jianwei Zhang (talk) 17:28, 7 May 2016 (EDT)

Hi Lu,

Your work produced for the instructional design project is solid and well presented. Your mini-course (unit 1) addresses clear learning objectives through well organized, rich, and engaging activities.

I think your whole mini-course can be further improved by doing the following:

  1. Focusing and streamlining your units: Since your mini-course focuses on social studies, you want to make sure that your unit 3 be focused on social studies, not high school in general.

Unit 1: What are Web 2.0 tools?

1.1 Participants will define Web 2.0 tools and the key characteristics of Web 2.0. GOOD

1.2 Participants will differentiate Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 by watching a clever videos called "The Machines is Us/ing Us" WATCH THIS VIDEO IS A LEARNING ACTIVITY TAKING PLACE IN THIS UNIT, NOT AN OBJECTIVE TO BE ACHIEVED AS THE RESULT OF THE LEARNING ACTIVITY.

Unit 2 : Why integrate technology in the social studies classroom?

2.1 Participants will discuss the technological evolution in social studies. A LONG HISTORY REVIEW MAY NOT BE NECESSARY FOR YOUR MINI-COURSE ON WEB 2.0.

2.2 Participants will interprete the impact of Web 2.0 tools in high school Social Studies Instruction. DESCRIBE MAY BE BETTER THAN INTERPRET

Unit 3 : Application of Web 2.0 Technologies to High School Practices

3.1 Participants will discover the barrier to developing effective classroom strategies for Web 2.0 tools. DISCOVER--> IDENTIFY

3.2 Participates will classify Web 2.0 tools aligned with Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and NCSS Guidelines for Technology Integration.

3.3 Participates will examine authentic examples of implementing blogs in high school social studies instruction.

3.4 Participants will discuss examples of integrating Wiki in high school social studies curriculum.

Unit 4 : Design a Web 2.0 application for high school Social Studies

4.1 Participants will identify the effective integration of Web 2.0 tools into curriculum required a full consideration of TPACK. WHY TPACK? YOU SEEM TO BE USING Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and NCSS Guidelines AS YOUR FRAMEWORK/GUIDE.

4.2 Participants will design a World History Lesson by integrating Wiki for the support of Historical Inquiry skills.