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Instructor comments on your project -- Jz833665 14:44, 15 October 2011 (EDT)

Jackie, You've had a really nice beginning in this design project: clear focus, informative instructional analysis (e.g. outcomes, context, etc.), appropriate choice of teaching strategy to address a core math topic. A few suggestions:

  • You may do more and deeper analysis of the learner: their prior knowledge and skills, typical challenges and difficulties in understanding this topic, etc.
  • You've started to develop the learning objectives for your whole module. In your next steps, you need to apply the basic structure (e.g. five components) to defining performance objectives related to each intended learning outcomes (e.g. inverse operation, variable, equation, etc.)
  • Clarify "situation" in your objectives: "traditional test" is not a clear way to specify the condition/situation in which the performance (e.g. solve equation) will be observed. You need to say what will be presented in such test: an equation to be solved, a word problem that will be solved using equation...

Again, nice work so far.

Instructor comments on your task analysis -- Jz833665 14:16, 9 November 2011 (EST)

Your updated objectives look clear, and you're task analysis is appropriate.

  • Can you create a ICM based on your objectives and task analysis?
  • Then, you'll be ready to work on the actually lessons. Keep in mind that your focus is on what and how models can be used to teach a match topic like this.