Talk:Career Development for MRDD Adults using Authentic Learning


-- Dhamilton 10:42, 17 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Jane,

Your course is on an interesting topic, one that needs to be addressed. As someone with experience advocating for individuals with disabilities (although not MR), I can say that appropriateness of intervention and placement options is critical. So, kudos to you for choosing this topic.

In your purpose section, you provide several links to useful websites relative to the interests of individuals with disabilities. Providing these links is handy for the learner. You might want to do another proof read though as there are typos that influence readability and meaning.

In unit one, there are also a few minor typos for your final proof, and links 2 and 3 go to the same website. Was that intentional? I like the questions in your reflection part, and feel like they would actually make a good opener for this unit. I am not sure which course purposes you are addessing in this unit because you did not state unit objectives within the unit, do you think it might help the learner to focus better if they know what the unit objectives are? I read the information contained within the unit, but didn't see any learning activities to draw my attention to key points or thoughts. For me, that would be helpful. Perhaps you have more of that sort of activity planned for the remaining units and are using unit one as a general opening to the material. Your topic seems a good one for scenarios and problem solving. Some thought questions to guide the learner through such a scenario might draw the learner into more active participation with the concepts and skills you identified in your course purposes.

To answer Jianwei's guiding questions for responding to each other's units, I would say that this course has something very meaningful to offer, but for me at this point, it doesn't achieve that goal without learning activities that draw active thinking about the topic. As for the criteria Jianwei is requiring for this course, I have outlined my thoughts below:

Learning outcomes: These seem good, but I'm not sure they are in performance terms. Perhaps that is intentional to make it more user friendly for the learner. (I know in my course I kept the goals in the purpose section written in performance terms, but changed them for the unit objectives to be more user friendly.)

Content consist with goals: Content seems appropriate to the goals.

Instructional sequence: Unable to comment on sequence from unit one only. I would need to see how the other units build.

Engagement and interaction: As mentioned above, I would find it beneficial to have more interactive learning activities included.

Technical quality: Navigation is very easy and links are well placed.

Extended resources: Several extended resources are included both within the lesson and within the Introduction.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Good luck with your work on this important topic.


Diane 4/17/08

Re: -- Jianwei Zhang 10:27, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

Nice work of Jane, and nice comments from Diane! Some brief suggestions for you to think about: 1. Give each unit an informative title, and highlight its objective, to help learners understand the organization of this course. 2. Create a new page for each unit, make the front page only an intro and index page. 3. Think about if you can provide a scenario in the beginning to engage learners' interest and thinking before they read your texts. 4. Unit 1 addresses Objective A: "The learner will be able to understand different learning approaches such as authentic learning and inquiry. The learner will apply these approaches in the creation and application of placement for individuals." I'm not sure how the unit in its current format has addressed the second half of this objective. 5. Your used many quotes from references. You should try to rephrase these citations and make the reasoning chain clearer, so that the learners can clearly see the pathway of understanding into the content.