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Welcome to our class discussion space!

This is the space where we will share our ideas and understandings as we progress through this mini-course.

Use the following headings to help keep our discussion space organized. When posting, be sure to leave space between your comment and the comments before you. Also, use the following format for your post:




Mini-Course Questions

Use this space to post any questions you may have during our mini-course.

Unit 1


Post your thoughts on our "Share" questions here.


Post a link to your initial classroom literacy blog.

Unit 2


Upload a copy of your safety contract here. You can upload it as a document (picture) or create a link to a PDF file. Remember to comment on at least one of your peer's contracts!


In a post, briefly highlight the safety features you've put in place for your blog. Offer a short explanation as to why you chose these features, as well.

Unit 3


Post your discussion questions here. Comment on at least one peer.


Post your "tool kit" here. Comment on at least one peer.


Post your feedback about your blog implementation here. Comment as you want.