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Instructor Comments on your course -- Jz833665 18:50, 29 November 2009 (EST)

Hi Mary,

Great to see your course taking a good shape. A few comments:

1) Objective consistency: One of your course-level objectives states: After viewing literature on formative and summative assessment, participants will state the similarities and differences in the two concepts. This objective is addressed in unit 2 but is stated differently focusing on formative assessment.

2) Enhance the conceptual/pedagogical framing of each learning activity. Your unit 1 contains a self-reflection activity. You may think about if you can say something (e.g., contexts of educational reform; related educational thoughts such as teaching for understanding as a process) to background the activity and/or highlight key message after the activity (e.g., current practice and the need of formative ongoing assessment. The same suggestion applies to your other activities.

3) Unit 4: Begin with the end in mind: Creating and using rubrics; Unit 5: Using formative assessment to shape instruction

Objectives (Participants will develop several strategies for using formative assessment in the classroom)

I'm wondering how these two units relate to each other: Is rubric one of the strategies for using formative assessment? If so, can these two units be integrated? I do not know how these two units will be exactly designed; but it will be great to provide a guiding framework first that help to organize/connect the specific strategies. Having a structure/framework can better guide teachers' thinking in designing their assessment in addition to knowing a few specific tips.

Again, this project is heading towards a productive direction. I hope the above comments are helpful as you refining and completing the design of this course.