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About your ICM -- Jz833665 21:07, 6 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Abi,

If I've understood your ICM right, your units 1 and 2 should be integrated into one as they both address basically the same issue: Good questioning. I'm not sure what are the main resources you're using to explain good questioning in classroom. As I know, the major research finding on this issue is related to the cognitive levels of different kinds of questions: fact-seeking, explanation-seeking, transfer questions, etc.

A review: [[1]]

[[Learning to Question, Questioning to Learn: Developing Effective Teacher Questioning Practices (Paperback) by Marylou Dantonio (Author), Paul C. Beisenherz (Author)]]:

As well, related to your unit 3, it is important to understand the "how" in the context of classroom discourse: teacher question is embedded in the sustain, temporal discourse in classroom; it role thus should be understanding in the evolving context of conversation. The IRE pattern is something the teacher should go beyond.