TPRS Unit 3

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Chapters 12 & 19 of Fluency Through TPR Storytelling

In chapter's 12 is a great tool in regards to planning your first week of TPRS. In chapter 19 you will read about the most frequent questions asked by educators implementing TPRS into their current curriculmn.

Fontaine TPRS storytelling.jpg


1.Choose one of the activities presented above as well as a topic your have recently taught, are currently teaching or will be teaching in the near future. How could you implement the TPRS/CI activity into your lesson. Using the information presented, create a brief lesson using one of the three techniques presented that you could use in your current lessons. Then DIVE IN HEAD FIRST and try out your TPRS lesson within your own classroom.

2. We will discuss the outcomes of our trial TPRS runs within our google discussion group. Here we will discuss our achievements and work together in areas of struggle. Each participant will create a thread about the implementation of your lesson and how it went. This will give all participants the opprotunity to read and comment on each of our trial runs.