Successful Introduction and Implementation of Class Dojo

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class dojo

About Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a website that teachers can use to manage student behavior and monitor progress over time. Students and parents are also able to log onto the site to monitor behavior and discover areas of improvement. This website allows students to take ownership of their behavior in a fun way. Students are able to log on and create their own avatar, talk with friends, and track their data. Class Dojo works by awarding (or taking away) points for certain behaviors. Teachers can easily do this during class using their interactive white board, tablet, and/or smart phone.


The purpose of this class is to help teachers successfully introduce and implement Class Dojo in the classroom.


  • Basic Computer skills- Navigate folders and applications such as word and Paint.
  • Must be able to save a file.
  • Basic Internet knowledge- can open browser and navigate to websites.


  1. How to create a Class Dojo account
  2. How to set up classes in Class Dojo- Including set up for students and parents
  3. Creating expectations for students
  4. Introducing Class Dojo and Expectations to classes
  5. Monitoring the effectiveness of Class Dojo for all students

Learning Outcomes

Course participants will learn intellectual skills, cognitive strategies, and verbal information.


Tasha Youngman's Homepage

Tasha Youngman's Portfolio Page

623 Homepage

Lesson 1: Getting started with Class Dojo

Lesson 2: Creation of Expectations and Introduction to Classroom

Lesson 3: Monitoring Progress and Assessing Effectiveness of Class Dojo