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  • ...ations and standalone CE workshops to clinicians to better their searching and research skills. ...series. In addition to audiobooks, I enjoy learning about personal finance and investing.
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  • == Integrating Digital Storytelling in the Foreign Language Classroom== ...e students understand the context of language while learning how to write and speak in the target language.
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  • ''''' A Network of Knowledge Created by and for 21st Century Educators '''''<br /><br /> ...m/groups/698592486826462/ Join the KNILT group on Facebook]''' for updates and networking with fellow educators.
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  • '''''Fostering 21st Century Learning''''' ...The learner will apply the components of 21st Century Skills in lessons and activities.
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  • ===Online/blended learning group=== ...nded_Learning_Activities | Developing Learning Communities Through Blended Learning Activities]]
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  • ...experience throughout the design project. With that said, lets start your learning journal now. ::*Learning Journal - Please take a few minutes to write down a few thoughts you might
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  • ...we do this we want to make sure that our students are actively engaged in learning. Technology can help do this. There are many activities that can be done wi *What webquests are and what components are needed to create your own webquest for your classroom.
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  • '''The Media Literate Person''' * Uses media wisely and effectively.
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  • ...y of these same dynamic tools and customizable options that makes bringing learning into the popular world of social networking so attractive to educators. bringing an educational experience to these sites, there are also risks and challenges that we will explore over the next two weeks.
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  • *To be able to identify 21st Century Skills and apply them to real-world situations. ''"The current and future health of America’s 21st Century Economy depends
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  • Please add your name below and link it to your personal page. [[Cheyenne Whirley]]: [[Digital Storytelling Course]]
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  • ...class="pageheader"><span class="pagetitle"> ETAP623 : Learning Communities and using visual information to teach mathematics </span></div><div class="page ===<font color="#9900cc">Introduction: Learning communities</font>===
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  • ...their responsibility. <br clear="all" /><br clear="all" /><font>'''Course Learning Objectives'''</font><br clear="all" /><br clear="all" /><br clear="all" />' # Identify the Information Literacy standards established by AASL/ACRL
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  • ...class="pageheader"><span class="pagetitle"> ETAP623 : Unit 3 - Information Literacy, Standards </span></div><div class="pagesubheading"> This page last changed <div class="panelContent">'''Unit Learning Objective:'''''
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  • ...x.cfm/'''Inspiration'''], the essential tool to visualize, think, organize and learn, is a program to help learners visualize their thinking into diagrams ...ding of concepts, increase memory retention, develop organizational skills and tap creativity.
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  • ...hen incorporated into the classroom, digital storytelling engages students and produces wonderful achievement results. it is a significant classroom tool. You will also learn how to create digital stories so that you can incorporate them into the curriculum.
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  • ...ral phenomena and allow students to manipulate and explore these phenomena and gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the phenomena. *Understand the characteristics of inquiry-based learning
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  • ...B] and [ Scratch] are the ones that are widely used and accepted in the field of education at present. ...many real-life phenomena, such as bird flocks, traffic jams, ant colonies, and market economies.
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  • ...ative applications of wikis in educational field, especially in supporting and improving students’ writing skills ×Know how to use wikis page to guide students have discussion and revision about writing
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  • ...exts of education. These resources may be used by individuals for personal learning or by groups/institutions to organize professional development activities. Below are a set of mini-courses and cases ''created before 2016'' related to a few popular topics.
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  • ...will learn new skills and knowledge. Students will gain new perspectives and change their attitude. ...oped in order to reinforce the lesson. A check system should be explained and used consistently. This particular lesson may be completed in or out of sc
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  • == Digital Libraries and the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) == === Digital Libraries ===
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  • of the program Snag-it as a medium for using English while manipulating media. ...uses the software program Snag-it to promote a constructionist approach to learning the English language.
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  • '''Exploring Latin American Countries and Caribbean Islands''' [[Category:Social studies and history]]
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  • order to avoid the reasons that people are against the use of games in learning. ...o applicable for any adult who is not convinced that games have a place in learning; including parents or guardians.
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  • ...r educators is to integrate the use of technology in the classroom. Today and in the future many new careers will be created to meet the needs of our tec ...assignment in a traditional way or non-tradtionally by creating an outline and then create an animation of their incident using the goanimate website.
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  • ...nd, but where would you like to live and work for the following four years and likely beyond. :This is the opportunity of a lifetime, to pack up and move anywhere in the country you would like with your parent’s approval.
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  • fit music theory curriculum, creating feedback and evaluation criteria, and using music software. ...neral Outcomes:''' Participation in this course will help you learn about and gain an understanding of the different kinds of feedback used in teaching m
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  • Complete a lesson plan using GoAnimate and place it in the "Class Lesson Plan" page. I placed an example of a study sk '''Lesson Plan Title''' Learning Style Survey
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  • ...OO/MUD as a pedagogical tool, with a specific focus on existing literature and writing curriculums. ...difying pedagogical approaches in order to help students engage with texts and construct meaning. When a teacher introduces a classical work, such as ''A
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  • *''To learn and contribute within this global environment, students must develop skills tha media and communication skills, global awareness and multiple forms of literacy.
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  • ...ssword is temporary. After receiving it, you should login KNITL '''soon''' and set a new password of your choice. == MOD 2: Learn to create, format, and link Wiki-pages ==
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  • ==='''Learning Outcomes'''=== ...ceThread [] product that students take ownership of and are eager to share with the world
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  • ...ces of which types of media are suitable for a given context, subject area and student population can be confusing. media, and the theories surrounding multimedia design and use in online learning.
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  • * develop basic and advanced Microsoft Excel skills; * develop basic and advanced Geometer's Sketchpad skills; and
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  • course objectives through the creation of [[Digital_Storytelling_Course|Digital Storybooks]] that portray United States history. ...prepare for jobs and careers in the service sector, which is ever-changing and requires familiarity with technology.
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  • '''Hello Everyone!!!''' I am glad you are here and welcome to my mini course on Camtasia Studio. ...ions, which stimulate and enthrall students, and it provides an innovative and effective means for educators to address the curricular concepts (Griffen,
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  • ...for instance, has a totally new look, consisting of new features, buttons, and naming conventions. * Basic familiarity with a computer mouse and the Windows operating system you will be using for the course
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  • ...2007 and then create a spreadsheet of data, make statistical calculations, and create a histogram. Have fun!! ...nit on statistics covering measures of central tendency, frequency tables, and histograms.
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  •, 2008). Research shows that using the graphing calculator as a learning tool can help students better understand mathematics (Edwards, 1994; Smith, 2) a computer with TI CAS Teacher Edition Software and Internet access.
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  • ...are drab repositories of information filled with uninspired, unconnected, and poorly understood ideas."''''' - The Teacher's Curriculum Institute tools have the ability to encourage the building of deep understandings and to produce active, engaged learners.
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  • ...ant for you to know, that on activities, where eventually both the English and Spanish forms of words are displayed, that they would not appear at the sam ...en the picture and the vocabulary word to help with their word association and retention.
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  • ever changing phenomenon, and if used efficiently can open up learning and make it relevant to student lives allowing for more comprehension than ever teachers will have a better understanding of the benefits of technology and gain a greater understanding of the technologies available to today's teach
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  • = Portfolio for the Mini-Course "[[Digital mobile devices as a teaching tool for phonological awareness.]]" = ...on. '''''I apologize to all that are taking their valuable time to stop by and evaluate my project. Please leave comments on whatever you fell the need to
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  • ...trying them out, you will be suprised at how easy many of them are to use and how much easier they make other parts of your job. ...ou in your teaching and make it easier for you to communicate with parents and students outside of school.
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  • = Using Project Based Learning to Teach The United States Constitution= ...h all learning types. Project Based Learning can engage the visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners. The use of various types of technology in the classro
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  • * Do you want to teach an online or hybrid course but worry you and your students will struggle without a lack of classroom time? [[Category: Online/ blended learning]]
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  • ...ivator. A paper documenting how handheld devices benefited young student's and their teachers suggests that interaction with the devices be student driven * ''State what digital media is.''
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  • ...y encourages instructors to plan and implement technology in problem-based learning activities in mathematics classrooms. *Understand the PBL in mathematics through examining examples, strategies, and creating activities
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  • ...the uses of Using Cognitive Flexibility Theory (CFT) in an online setting, and it can be used as well in a face-to-face (f2f) course. ...mic beliefs, develop a survey for your students based on epistemic beliefs and begin composition of a history course using CFT.
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