Social Studies Unit Summative Assessment

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Summative Assessment

File:Mini Course Summative Assessment Assignment and Rubric.pdf

Afghanistan/Iraq – Repeats of the Vietnam War?

Assignment: Throughout this unit we have been examining the Vietnam War and how it relates to the conflicts of Afghanistan and Iraq. While some say that the current conflicts in the Middle East are far different than what went on in Vietnam, others argue that the same problems still exist.

Task: Using material from the class, complete a project that argues your point of view on the issue…Are Afghanistan/Iraq repeats of the Vietnam War?

In an interview in September 2009, President Barak Obama stated that:

“You have to learn lessons from history. On the other hand, each historical moment is different. You never step into the same river twice. And so Afghanistan and Iraq are not Vietnam.”

- NY Times, September 15, 2009

Essential Question: Do you agree with President Obama’s statement that Afghanistan and Iraq are not repeats of Vietnam?...Or do you feel that these three conflicts are closely related to one another?

For full credit you must student must:

- Use 6 sources in total (these can be from the lessons of the unit or outside resources as well)

- Organize their project in a logical and easy to follow manner

- Argue their point of view/opinion and explain how their evidence supports their opinion

- Address opposing claims and make counter claims

Options for Project

Option 1 - Essay: Write a well-organized essay with introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. Be sure to still meet the required materials. Information from videos and pictures still must be used in the assignment. You may refer to videos as sources and may include pictures that are relevant to the points you are making.

Option 2 - 'Glogster: See the link below for the webpage and examples. This is essentially an interactive poster that can use a wide variety of media. It is a great tool for presenting information that is diverse and exciting. Glogster Link:

How to Video:

Poster Example:

Option 3 - Poster-board Create and standard poster-board using the material from class. Sources in text and picture form can easily be placed on this project. It can be a great way to visually show information.

Option 4 - Propaganda poster - Propaganda is information, which is used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Links will be provided to some propaganda posters from WWII as examples. Create your own arguing whether or not Afghanistan/Iraq are repeats of the Vietnam War. The links below will provide you with some examples of what a propaganda poster should look like.

Example 1: Propaganda poster 1 Example 2:Propaganda poster 2

Option 5 - Power Point Presentation – This can be a good way to use both pictures, text and video when presenting your argument. Videos can easily be placed in the Power Point as well.


Make sure to meet all requirements laid out by the rubric to the right.


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