Setting Up Apple Account

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So you've decided to set-up an account with Apple

There are many things to consider when setting up an account with Apple for the purpose of buying apps to use on an iPad or other iOS device.

If you are not a K-12 institution or accredited higher education institution you cannot sign up for the Volume Purchase Program

If you are...there are a few things you should already have:

  1. A computer with internet connection
  2. An email account from the agency
  3. Knowledge of who will be be in charge of the program (probably you at this point)
  4. School/Agency contact info
  5. Tax except documentation if your school/agency is exempt
  6. Apple customer Account Number (this is from Apple and typically obtained by your agency's purchase department)

Set up an Apple ID

As with any ID for online use, you have to think of something unique. In the case of an Apple ID, that unique ID will be an email address.

Have an email such as:


You cannot use commercial email accounts such as Yahoo, AOL, or Gmail.

This email will eventually be controlled by someone else who takes over the iPads. If you started the Apple account with and
Bob leaves the company, your Apple Educational Account CANNOT be changed from without losing everything you purchased already.

With the correct email and other information on-hand,
go to the following link to set up a new Apple ID.

Things that appear to be related to an individual should be kept generic, becuase in the future it may be required to confirm
the identity of the Apple ID user. Example: make the birthday January 1st 1990, not your birthday (unless it is)

Creating a Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Account

With your Apple ID in hand you are ready to set-up a VPP account.
Go to the following link

  • You will be asked to set up a program manager. Don't worry about the name here. This job is only a one time job and this person sets up "Facilitators". The Facilitators do all the real work.
  • Once your agency is approved for the VPP program, you will need to set up Facilitators. At this point it is OK to use individual named email addresses, because the Program Manager can create as many Facilitators as need be.
  • Keep in mind that these people will be authorized to make purchases against whatever financial means (such as school credit card) are attached to the VPP.


You completed this unit correctly if you:

  1. Have an Apple ID that can log into iTunes or the App Store
  2. Can access the VPP system to make discounted bulk purchses, which will be covered in the next unit...

Now you can...