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[[Lesson 2: Analyzing Resumes]]
[[Lesson 2: Analyzing Resumes]]
==Unit 2: ==

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A resume is an important resource for anyone looking to advance their education or career. Resumes can be written for a variety of reasons including employment and entrance to a college or university. We will focus primarily on those two reasons for this mini-course. The goal of this course is to create a resume that could be used for either an application for a job or an application for college. We will also try to understand how format, length, and content all play a role in the effectiveness of a resume. We will begin by focusing on what a resume is and what they may look like based on their objective. We will also begin to brainstorm what to include on your resume to prepare for the construction of your resume. Lastly, we will reflect on any improvements that could be made to your resume and create a "mock" hiring committee to discuss which applicant is the best candidate based on their resume.

Unit 1: What is A Resume?

A resume can be defined as a brief description of a person's education, qualifications, and previous experience. This summary is typically used to apply for a new job. You will use the reading to read more about a resume and what should/should not be included. You will also begin to look over resumes.
Lesson 1: What is A Resume

Lesson 2: Analyzing Resumes

Unit 2: